Closing tag in XML

I always wondered why they didn’t allow an optional closing tag of “</>” that would close the corresponding open tag.

For example:

<p>This is a string with something <b>bold</> in it.</p>

where “</>” is closing the <b> tag. Or:


which is shorter than:


I fell it is a shortcut like the stand-alone tag <tag/>.

How to create a Clojure application

Update: this is not my preferred way to create a Clojure application and shouldn’t be yours either, check out Leiningen

This is one of those posts that I publish partly for myself. And partly so people can criticize my way, which is also for myself, and only incidentally for others to learn from it.

It seems Maven is popular in the Clojure world. Clojure itself uses it, Webjure uses and its demo application uses it as well, there’s a branch for Compojure that uses too. So after building all those components using Maven I’ve decided to use it myself when building Clojure applications.
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