Show a devise log in form in another page

Update: there’s a new version of this post covering Devise 4.0.0: Show a devise log in or sign up forms in another page

Devise create various forms, among them one for signing up and one for logging in of course. These are the forms as they are generated in Devise 1.0.8:

<h2>Sign up</h2>
<% form_for resource_name, resource, :url => registration_path(resource_name) do |f| -%>
  <%= f.error_messages %><%= f.label :email %>

<%= f.text_field :email %>

<%= f.label :password %>

<%= f.password_field :password %>

<%= f.label :password_confirmation %>

<%= f.password_field :password_confirmation %>

<%= f.submit "Sign up" %>

<% end -%>

<%= render :partial => "shared/devise_links" %>


<h2>Sign in</h2>
<% form_for resource_name, resource, :url => session_path(resource_name) do |f| -%><%= f.label :email %>

<%= f.text_field :email %>

<%= f.label :password %>

<%= f.password_field :password %>

<% if devise_mapping.rememberable? -%><%= f.check_box :remember_me %> <%= f.label :remember_me %>

<% end -%><%= f.submit "Sign in" %>

<% end -%>

<%= render :partial => "shared/devise_links" %>

If you try to put them somewhere else you’ll run into some problem. There are some variables/methods those forms use that you’ll be lacking, specifically: resource_name, resource and for logging in also devise_mapping. I’ve recently tried to put them both in the homepage for an upcoming project of mine and this is how I’ve solved it:

module ContentHelper
  def resource_name

  def resource
    @resource ||=

  def devise_mapping
    @devise_mapping ||= Devise.mappings[:user]

24 thoughts on “Show a devise log in form in another page

  1. Devise does a great “demo,” but the default behaviors just don’t do the trick for most apps. Thanks for solving this one in an elegant way!

  2. This is awesome. Thank you for posting it. It saved me big time. The only issue I have is when I submit the form, it actually takes me to the actual devise page and not my controller. Looks like the redirects are off for errors. Any ideas how to solve that with your brilliant ways.

    1. Hey any1 got a solution for this problem , that is redirecting the errors .. else if say the password is wrong i end up coming back to the original devise page

    2. same here… I put the code in ApplicationHelper file so I can sign in from anywhere. But when I press Sign in button, it redirects me to the original sign in form of devise…

      Any ideas?

  3.  Thanks for this!  I was trying to do the same thing and couldn’t figure out how to get it working.

  4. sorry for the n00b question here, but where do I place this module in my rails project?

    1. You don’t have to create this module anywhere. You have to find the Helper module for whatever controller you are working in. If you controller is called BlahController then in your project you should have a BlahHelper.

  5. Thanks dude, i was doing it by passing in local variables to the partial, but this is good too. I didn’t know what the devise_mappings was.

  6. Is there a similar solution to handling form errors when the forms are on other pages? So that the redirect containing error messages doesn’t go to the default form pages?

  7. Isn’t this incorrect?
    def resource
    @resource ||=

    Doesn’t resource point to the current instance in some cases:
    if devise_mapping.confirmable? && resource.pending_reconfirmation?

    This would end up as:

    Ah, let me know if I have misinterpreted this.

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