What's the most exciting project you worked on?

Seth Godin writes:

If someone asks you that, are you excited to tell them the answer?

in his post What are you working on? saying that you should be excited, even if it’s just your weekend project. I’m not that demanding, but I open all my interviews asking the candidate: “What’s the most exciting project you ever worked on?”. It can be years ago, I understand that sometimes we get stuck in shitty projects, but if you never managed to work in an exciting project I really worried.

How exciting? You should start talking, moving your hands around and forget you are in an interview. That exciting should be. Bonus points if I have to stop you because you just keep talking about the project and I have to do an interview.

One thought on “What's the most exciting project you worked on?

  1. +10! Isn’t that amazing that we interview just about every day and people we interview are dull and uninteresting. It’s not their fault that the only job they could find in a hurry was this insurance company – I get that. But, but! There’s so much they could/should be doing in their own time.

    This awesome script to measure tweet-degrees of separation are between them and aplusk., that beautiful filter they coded for gimp to make their photos look like taken by LOMO and developed on Orwa. And this beautiful AI code that made them lose a few thousand dollars on a stock market, but hell was a lot of fun to write ;-)

    It’s never been easier to be excited about something that you’re doing – even if in your free time. Why oh why people don’t get that?

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