What is a "startup project"?

I’m (hopefully) creating a term: “startup project”. A startup project is a project done on the side, not setting up a company, with or without partners, with the intention of one day becoming a startup.

I don’t have a startup, but I have many startup projects. Many silly little ideas with great aspirations. I need a term to separate that from non-startup project (like writing free software or build a house for the dog).

My startup projects are:

Many of them are dead or inactive. With .gitignore and .hgignore I believe I’m already getting as many visits as I possible can and it’s not that many (understandably, it’s extremely nichy).

RadioControlPedia is there, providing the information it has and open to anyone to contribute. I have some plans for it in the future but for now, I’m putting my time in other ideas. I really want to stay away from content for now.

Restraq and Hear a Blog deserve posts of their own, so wait for it.

Meanwhile, what do you think about the term “startup project”?

4 thoughts on “What is a "startup project"?

  1. Hi

    It is great that you wrote this post. It was my first time at an event like this and personally I learned a lot. I wanted, of course, to build a team and work on my idea, but on the other hand I am glad to have worked on someone else’s project, because I got a glimpse on what mistakes do not make and on which kind of presentation go for when showing off your project.

    I really like your blog. I do not know anything about coding, developing etc. but I am very interested in learning. I more for the creating and developing concepts, ideas and products, but this is definitely something I want to understand more.

    Ana Paula Schaepers

  2. I take it you took down hgignore? I remember stumbling on the site a while back, but now it redirects to your DNS project. Just wondering if that was the case.

    1. Yes, that is correct. I turned hgignore and many other projects off; they were consuming time and resources without going anywhere.

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