Learning to shoot a handgun

Finally I managed to go to a course to learn to shoot a handgun. Generally I would prefer to spend money on things. For the price of the course I could have bought a great airgun, but happier people spend money on experiences, not on things. I’m trying to learn.

The first lesson was with a .22 handgun. The teacher lent me his own CZ 122 of which I took a picture:

Picture of CZ 122 Sport, part black and silver, with the slider open
CZ 122 Sport, the one I shot with.

I loved shooting with that one. It worked really well. Much better than the other really used up guns for beginners. On the second lesson we went up in calibre to a Bersa Thunder 9:

Stock picture of a pistol Bersa Thunder 9, black
Bersa Thunder 9.

I learned something very important. The teacher told us to load 5 rounds and shoot them. I did that, put down the gun and moved the target back to me. I counted 4 holes. I doubt I missed the target completely because those four holes were very close to the center. Then I looked down to the table and the gun: it was still loaded, there was still one round in the chamber and ready to fire. In my mind that gun was unloaded; but it wasn’t. I obviously treated it as loaded even when I believed it wasn’t because of… well… this.

Me, shooting in a very controlled environment, knowing I had to count the shots, and I miscounted. I’ll never laugh again at anybody for not counting the number of shots correctly. It’s so easy to make a mistake. And always, always treat every gun as loaded… they might be.

Thanks for reading a draft of this to Ethan Blanton.

One thought on “Learning to shoot a handgun

  1. “Happier people spend money on experiences, not on things.”

    What a great sentiment!

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