Building and Managing
Distributed Teams

Effective and practical techniques to successfully run distributed teams and companies.

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Building and Managing Distributed Teams

Pablo has built and managed distributed teams for 10 years and helped many companies cope and thrive during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Testimonials of Pablo Fernandez as a Manager

You can find them all on his LinkedIn profile.

Jess Poore

[Pablo] created such a great collaborative way of working, had a great relationship with his team and showed me many new ways of working. In particular how to lead teams in an effective and collaborative way that are remotely based.

— Jess Poore, Head of Marketing

I looked to [Pablo] and his team for examples of “what good looks like” as a remote/distributed team […], I can say that Pablo had created an environment made up of the right people and where each team member felt valued and was able to function without the need to be located in the same physical environment.

— David Norris, Head of HR

David Norris
Goran Jovic

[Pablo] has a unique combination of strong technical skills and good grasp of the business side of things, which allowed him to very quickly set up a distributed team from scratch, bootstrap it with an amazing workplace culture, team spirit and group cohesion. And, of course, deliver results even within the first few months.

— Goran Jovic, Senior Software Engineer

Pablo is an exceptional individual – a credible expert in his field and an inspirational leader. He built and managed a remote team with great success and fostered a strong team ethos of commitment, focus, accountability, empathy and creativity.

— Lauren Pither, Head of Service Delivery

Lauren Pither
Jordan Bundy

I would recommend Pablo for any leadership position, especially one looking for someone with aptitude in building and managing remote teams. Not only does he have the experience and ability to create success for a company, but he’s an excellent colleague and a joy to work with. See less

— Jordan Bundy, Senior Software Engineer

He is a very thoughtful remote manager and considers his teammates as equal. During these 8 months my life has never been so flexible thanks to his insight and understanding of work life balance.

— Remi Sultan, Senior Software Engineer

Rémi Sultan

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