This is my now-page, where I tell you what I’m up to, in case you are curious. This is part of the Nownownow project by Derek Sivers.

Last update: 26th July 2020

My motto: Life begins at the end of your comfort zone


My life is a bit upside down at the moment due to moving my parents to the UK. Thanks to Brexit they need to move before the end of the year or never, but the Covid-19 pandemic is pushing the timeline in the opposite direction, with airports not opening for example. The move was supposed to happen exactly after I left my job, but now I’ll have a longer period until that is done and I can commit to work again.

The plans for my wedding with Sarah keep moving along and everything is getting into place for it to happen mid 2021. Hopefully, the pandemic will be under control by then.

Professional & Business

I quit my job at Wifinity and I’m searching for my next opportunity. In fact, I’m trying to figure out what my next opportunity should look like. I want to grow my career and it’s not 100% clear how to do that. I have no problem finding early-startup CTO/first-coder opportunities but I want to find opportunities to build teams bigger than what I did before.

Due to Covid-19, all my property business goals for 2020 have been put on hold. At the best of time it’s hard for me to get financing abroad, so now it’s even harder. In the meantime, I’m redirecting my funds to potential new opportunities.

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