Flying my Extra 300S

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Overview of my new Extra 300S

Some pictures of the building process and the finished result:

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It moves!

I’m building a RCPowers Extra 300S and a couple of days ago it moved by itself for the first time:

So exciting! There’s still a lot of work to do, I hope it’ll be flying this weekend (if the weather allows it).


I’m tired that there are no canonical URLs for most products, materials, systems, etc. regarding to radio control. The vendors do a very poor job of having an online presence. Some seem not to have a web site at all and the ones that do have very poor URLs, very poor data (old articles get removed) or very poor websites (frames, javascript, no way to deep-link).

Sometimes the best information is provided by the retailers, which is already wrong, but the real issue is that when retailers are not selling something anymore, they remove the product from the public page, and the information gets lost.

I’ve decided to fix the problem so I’ve created the RadioControlPedia. A wiki for RadioControl were articles will always stay and stay at the same URL. Over time it’ll have more and more information.